The ESCALITE UVC disinfection module for escalator handrails ensures maximum security and cleanliness. The module disinfects the handrail fast and reliably against bacteria, germs and viruses, also against the Coronavirus, and secures a smooth transport of your customers without the risk of infection or falling. The compact design of the module allows varying fields of application in new and existing escalators of all manufactures. Airport, train stations, hospital or shopping mall: with ESCALITE you offer your customers a safe and clean experience while holding onto the escalators handrails. Eliminate the aversion against escalator handrails and take away the fear of contact from your customers. Instead, ensure an efficient traffic flow with feel-good factor.






We work hand in hand with escalator manufacturers. ESCALITE is being sold and installed directly by the well-known escalator manufacturers and service partners. Ask your service partner about ESCALITE or use our contact form and we make sure you receive an offer.



ESCALITE is mounted in the closed part of the escalator and designed to perfectly fit every handrail of every escalator. It is made of quality materials and a robust construction ensures a reliable performance. ESCALITE features three high power UVC lamps with a longlife coating to ensure ideal output. The lamps can be exchanged with a flick of the wrist. Using the highly effective reflector the UVC radiation is directly and also indirectly targeted at the handrail.

The ESCALITE disinfection module is developed and produced in Germany. German quality standards guarantee the longevity and high performance of the module.


  • To ensure an all around perfect shopping experience for our customers we are always at the forefront of the progress and engage in cutting edge technology. Customers see ESCALITE as an extra service and actively hold on to the handrail. This way customer satisfaction and health can be fostered at once.

    ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
    Christian Schlicht

    Director Center Management -

    Facility Management

    ECE Projektmangament G.m.b.H. & Co. KG

  • The bigger the metropolitan areas worldwide get, the more important becomes the protection against diseases. Using ESCALITE we can provide our customers in the segments of hospitals, shoppingcenters, train stations and airports with an energy efficient and eco-friendly solution to keep the escalator handrails hygienically clean – without using chemicals.                         

    KONE GmbH
    Erik Kahlert

    Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Kone GmbH

  • ESCALITE brings hygiene and safety on escalators to a whole new level. In cooperation with UVIS we won over customers for the product in Germany, Sweden and Australia.

    thyssenkrupp Fahrtreppen GmbH
    Karsten Kambach

    Head of Sales

    thyssenkrupp Fahrtreppen GmbH


We are experts in hygiene technology specialized on UVC products for escalators and antibacterial coating. In addition, we offer technology consulting and office hygiene workshops.

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